Backyard Farm


Located in Mendocino County Backyard Farm is here to help you expand free yard space into a sustainable organic backyard farm.  The mission is to grow local food and feed people. Foodscaping, sometimes called edible landscaping, front yard farming, or urban farming is a type of landscaping in which all or major areas of a lawn on private property or sometimes public property are used to grow food.

Our dream is to create localized food systems that make communities healthier, more connected and less wasteful.  By converting misused lawn space into productive micro farms, we can change the way our communities do food. Backyard Farm Ukiah works to provide edible landscaping to education centers, affordable housing destinations, and businesses/individuals. Homeowners can become urban farmers when they work with us.  Once the backyard farm is established, the homeowner keeps a portion of the produce while the rest is sold to help pay for labor and upkeep costs that keep the micro farm going.

Backyard Farm Ukiah is looking to help prevent food insecurity across the Ukiah and Mendocino County areas.  Ideally, we would target lower income populations who struggle to afford fresh fruits and vegetables.



Services Offered:

– Foodscaping
– Urban/Backyard Garden Development
– Backyard Farm Advising
– Garden Consultations
– Green House Building
– Soil Testing and Amending



Backyard Farm
Joel Veikko Soinila
(707) 391-7403