Backyard Farm


Located in Mendocino County Backyard Farm is here to help you expand free yard space into a sustainable organic backyard farm.  The mission is to grow local food and feed people. Foodscaping, sometimes called edible landscaping, front yard farming, or urban farming is a type of landscaping in which all or major areas of a lawn on private property or sometimes public property are used to grow food.

Backyard Farm is a DBA (doing business as) of Veikko Properties LLC which was established in 2015.  It’s about more than gardening and harvesting, it’s about community and networking backyard farmers with people in need of fresh produce and fruits that would otherwise go wasted.  As this program establishes itself, it will grow its volumes of food supplied, and work on helping local community members eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Excess crops given to Backyard Farm will in return be taken and given to local food shelters and community centers.

Call today for pricing and a free yard consultation. Eat local, buy local, grow local!


Before Backyard Farm services

After Backyard Farm Services (4 months later)


– Foodscaping
– Urban/Backyard Garden Development
– Backyard Farm Advising
– Garden Consultations
– Green House Building
– Soil Testing and Amending



Backyard Farm
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